It is almost impossible in this day and age to find a professional business which does not require a fast reliable connection to the outside world via the internet.  Whether this is just to access internet or email, access services in the cloud or networking sites across the globe into a single secure network,  Cheeky Munkey can provide a solution for you.......


Cabling &

We help provide a structured cabling solution to suit your needs.  We will arrange for a site visit and a detailed plan to ensure you get the solution which meets your requirements.  As networks increase in speeds, the older Cat5 cables can no longer provide the speeds and reliability for today’s businesses.  By upgrading to Cat6 cables, you can introduce 10GBase-T speeds...


Good solutions for your business

Do you have multiple offices or sites across the country?  Why not have them on a single secure network? 

Romax can provide you with a planned secure infrastructure which will not only improve cross site productivity but also be a strong component of your network security solution.  Ask Romax to see what MPLS solutions are available for your business needs and budget.

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